Field of (Chiller) Air-Conditioners- Large Central Units installed in the following facilities:

Project Name



Helicopter assemblage building in Almaza (central air-conditioning process of 500 tons capacity)



Egyptian Air Academy, Belbeis “main kitchen – boilers - central air-conditioner)

Air Force Command Center: "central air-conditioner”

Main workshops of aircrafts: central air-conditioner

Banque Du Caire (Roshdy and Al-Alfy Branches): central air-conditioner



 National Bank for Development (NBD) (Al-Borsa and Makram Ebeid Tower - Garden City): central air-conditioner

Barclays Egypt, Garden City Branch: central air-conditioner of 50 tons cooling capacity

Credit Agricole Egypt (Al-Batal Ahmed Abdelaziz - Al-Gomhoreya Branches): central air-conditioner

Al Ezz Dekheila Steel Co. “Alexandria” (Chillers of the steel rolling factory, flat rebar factory and steel factory)



Sheraton El Gezirah: central air-conditioner



University Hospital of Shibin El Kom, Tumors Building



Central Chemical Laboratories, Al Sabtiyyah “Egyptian Electricity Authority”



Field of (Split) Air-Conditioners, small capacity central units are installed in the following facilities:

Operation System

Project Name


National Bank for Development (NBD) (Kasr El Nil Branch) and 4 other branches “Split air-conditioner”


Barclays Egypt, branches of Maadi and Grand Mall” Split air-conditioner


Credit Agricole Egypt: “Yemen Street branch, Giza” Split air-conditioner

Air Conditioner Field (DX): Central-Low capacity units installed in the following facilities



Project name:

Operating System




Air Academy - Belbeis


 The main workshops for airplanes: Central air conditioner





Banque Du Caire (Adly and Tharwat Branches)


National Bank for Development (NBD) (Commercial Branch) and three other branches




Asec Cement Co. “central air conditioner”





Lilly Factory for Pharmaceutical Products (General Administration): Central air conditioner


Cosmic Village (VIB Building + 2 Reception Buildings) Central air conditioner


Field of (Chillers & freezers and Sanitation stations) installed in the following facilities:

1. Companies: Al Ezz Dekheila Steel in Alexandria (Chillers and freezers)
2. Hospitals: Shebin Al Kom University Hospital (Chillers and freezers)
3. Vehicles: The Main Workshop for Armed Forced Vehicles in Basateen “Sanitation Station”

“Maintenance” field, installed units inside the following facilities:

1. Factories: Maintenance of Air Conditioners in Al Ezz Dekheila Steel Factories and Port.
2. Banks: Wafa Commercial Bank, 20 branches has been maintained in Cairo, 4 branches in Giza, 6 branches in Alexandria, and 8 branches in different governorates. Taqa Co. - Airport Tower, maintenance of the central air conditioner - Cabinet of Ministers , main maintenance and reparations to the building of Cabinet of Ministers “Chillers”

These are the most important works of the Company, in addition to assignments to the Company from other companies and small projects, in addition to villas, palaces, and museums. Following is the most famous implemented works:

1. Villas: Salmaniyia Villa - Al Mirage Villa City - Ms. Mona Al Domyati Villa - Al Obour Villa.
2. Palaces: Mirage Palace
3. Museums: Animal Museum in Giza Zoo - Aviation Museum in Almaza

The most important challengeable public projects are:

Air Conditioning Project for three new buildings in EgyptAir Co., beside Hall No. 2 in Cairo International Airport.
Air Conditioning Project for the fourth floor in the Administrative Complex in EgyptAir Co., next to the building of the Ministry of Civil Aviation.
Central Air Conditioning Works in Egyptian Drilling Company.
Al Ameriya Project - Armed Forces Project.

Industrial Security

Safety Comes First; we always follow high standards in safety in work sites making sure that safety protocols are being complied with and we adhere to ensure the safety of our teamwork in addition to all other persons in all times.
We completely understand, accept and undertake the applicable provisions included in the local legislations in terms of safety. We accept to bear the moral liability to do everything such as management and interactive supervision to avoid any accidents that may adversely affect to our employees or the employees of other companies. In general, we shall ensure fulfilling the time limits of project according to the contract with the compliance to safety protocols to provide sufficient protective suits and equipment to protect employees during work. We appoint safety officers to ensure that all safety protocols are applicable by our employees.

Contracts in Electro-Mechanic Contracting

Rasco Co. is a leading company in the field of Electro-Mechanic Contracting field in a cost-effective and diversified manner in terms of industrial, electrical and mechanical services, including various systems such as air conditioning, air purifiers, fire-fighting systems, pumping stations, electric works, low current systems, industrial controlling systems and project management.
• Supply, install, implement and operate air conditioning works (central and Split), heating and ventilation;
• Boilers, water supplies and storage systems;
• Industrial cooling systems;
• Early alarm systems and auto firefighting systems;
• Electric power and lighting systems.

Our company is in the growth phase in contracting of works and maintenance of Electro-Mechanic works, after many projects have been implemented on a large scale in various parts of the Republic.